A safe space to share your struggles and find a new way forward

You don’t have to live overwhelmed, unhappy, or distressed. Gracious Therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental environment where you can talk through your challenges and learn to better understand you.

I am here to support you as you take those next steps.

One-to-one online counselling for people who are struggling with their sense of self

When it feels like everything in your life is telling you who you should be and what you should do, it’s easy to lose confidence in yourself and your beliefs, leaving you overwhelmed, unhappy, and distressed.

Sometimes daily life and past experiences can prevent you from living authentically, making you feel disconnected from the things around you that matter most.

Through gracious therapy, I want to support you to better understand who you are and what you need, using approaches that will give you a deeper insight into you, creating a greater sense of peace and harmony in your identity and beliefs.

I provide a friendly, confidential, non-judgemental space that can be tailored to suit people from all walks of life and beliefs systems.


Gracious Therapy was founded by Naomi Sinclair, a qualified counsellor who has held pastoral roles within her faith community.


One-to-one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Person-Centred counselling for people who are struggling with their wellbeing and mental health.


Find the answer to some frequently asked questions, including what happens in our sessions and how much they cost.