What is Christian counselling?

Christian counselling can take many forms, including pastoral advice, rather than professional therapy.

Even under the umbrella of Christianity, we all may have very different values, beliefs, and ways of practicing our faith. This is why I do not impose my own faith and practices onto anyone accessing this service.

As a practicing Christian myself, for those with a faith, there is an option within the person-centred or CBT approach to include prayer within the sessions. I am also happy to provide an openness to conversation around scripture and spirituality.

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Christian counselling

Which therapy is right for me?

If you’re not sure which type of therapy is right for you, let’s talk. You can arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation find out more, or email me with any questions on our contact page.

Gracious Therapy’s services are suitable for anyone aged 18+.

Therapies we offer

There is no single approach that works for every person, which is why we select the type of therapy that is most relevant to you as an individual.


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